In the U.S. I had Martha Stewart to remind me each month of my domestic engineering shortcomings. Even for someone as perpetually organized as I, sometimes I just wanted to slap her. 
Martha and her magazine did not make the overseas journey with me, sadly. I just could not justify international postage for my monthly dose of humiliation suggestions for better living. But!  Tchibo to the rescue, where “Every week (is) a new world!”
Tchibo is a German company that has been around since post-WWII, starting out as pioneers in the mail order coffee business. By the 1970’s, though, they had evolved into marketing consumer goods, but with a twist (they do still sell coffee, and seem to have a sizable following). Each week Tchibo offers a new “themed” set of products, which are only available until they sell out and so appeal to the impulse shopper.
A few weeks ago the “theme” was ladies spring sportswear. All products have a generous guarantee and excellent Tchibo customer service, too, because who wants a bad shopping experience? 
Another recent week reminded us all to freshen up our kitchenware. Spring green vegetable peelers and egg slicers can be rather tempting.
Earlier this year the theme contained items for photo books and the like. This was the week I foolishly asked Anna Grace accompany me to the grocery, so her overflowing art supplies cabinet is further bursting at the seams with metallic pens, watercolor pencils, and all the artsy goodness a Tween girl desires.
This week the focus is on Easter.
A couple of weeks ago the theme inspired the inner baker in all of us. Having succeeded with pumpkin pie last fall, I was like a moth to a flame and a set of tartin pans landed in my basket. 
Today I am attempting individual apple tartin. I think even Martha would be impressed.