The picnic hamper and camping chairs packed in the wagon, off Tony and I set this morning for the American International School Budapest, for a four school Track & Field (and Softball and Volleyball) extravaganza.

We’ve crossed the Austrian-Hungarian border many times, but today was the first time I noticed the (now) irrelevant sign designating a special transit lane for diplomats (CD, Corps Diplomatique). How times have changed…

The AIS Budapest campus, with both the American and Hungarian flags. Always nice to see a little bit of “home.” AIS Vienna doesn’t fly the stars and stripes (I’ve not seen the flag anywhere on campus, but I may be incorrect.)

The event began ominously, with wet, wet, and wet everywhere. The weather didn’t deter our favorite long jumper, though. She topped 18 other jumpers for a 1st place! The pony tail is the charm, no doubt.

The pony tails are at rest, but the athletes are on the go. The track referee was too cute. He announced to all the runners,  “I say, ‘On mark.’ Then, ‘Get set.’ And then I shoot.”

Thankfully, most thankfully, the miserable weather gave way to light clouds and sunshine. Has to be the ponytail charm.

A personal best of 130cm for my favorite high jumper (and a 3rd place overall).

With special appreciation for the discus-thrower who photo-bombed Anna Grace’s amazing jump. 🙂

Blond swinging ponytails aside, any day spent cheering on our athlete and her peers is a day well spent. Go AISV Knights!