Another sunny chore-free weekend, another day trip in the MomMobile. One could almost get used to this lifestyle.
This past weekend Bratislava opened its palaces, museums, and archives for free to all those interested, to commemorate the historic privileges of self-government.  
From the western approach it is near impossible to miss Bratislavsky Hrad, the “fake” castle. The castle is not technically fake; it just happens to be a rebuild from 1959 so we call it a fake castle.
In addition to the open doors, the city pulled out all the stops for local wines, along with samples of Slovakian cuisine in the Stara Trznica, the Old Market Hall. But of course. It is not a festival in Central Europe if alcohol is not involved.  
We sampled Fazulova, a bean soup with smoked knuckle, sausage, and noodles. Excellent paired with a Frankova modra red. I have begun keeping a wine notebook, as I have come to rather like some of the red wines of the Czech and Slovak Republics. And of Hungary and Romania. A favorite Austrian red is a Blaufrankisch from the Burgenland state. But I digress.
Believe it or not, sampling Slovakian fare made us hungry for lunch!
We found a sunny table in the Old City, where Tony ordered Lokse plnene, a potato pancake filled with chicken livers sautéed in red wine. I tasted. The dish was delish. 
I ordered Brydnza pierogi, another Slovak dish of dumplings filled sheep milk cheese and topped with fried pork belly. I am impressed that I’ve actually managed to lose weight while living and eating in Europe. See? My old American jeans are loose!
A walkabout the city was a necessity afterwards. Bratislava’s Old City is compact and full of character.
The view from inside the Municipal House onto the square.
The beautiful court house within.
In the archives section of the municipal house we learned that following the end of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, most public signs changed to add the third language of the country: Slovakian (the language restored), German, and Hungarian. 

One member of the family climbed the tower of the municipal house for a birds eye view.

(She’s on the far right, waving.)

Making our way back to the car, past a small market and other city scenes of interest.

Bratislava is for Everyone!