(Forgive me. Perhaps I am still on my high from Copenhagen, where everyone was HAPPY.)

On the drive from our home to the American School there is a tedious stretch across the vineyards from one side of the 19th district to the other. With “YOU ARE A FOREIGNER” tags on my car, I abide by the posted speed limit, especially through the really dull stretches. Unlike others.

This afternoon, while abiding by the speed limit, I was flashed no fewer than three times by AN IMPATIENT, CRAZY ASSHAT VIENNA DRIVER who wanted me to exceed the posted speed limit. This is not the first or second or seventeenth time, either, that this has happened.  But, no can do. I am way too easy of a target for the Polizei who routinely nap along watch the route. Besides, the vineyard view is too compelling to ignore.

Sorry, Herr or Frau €75.000 Mercedes Driver.  I do not share your sense of “hurry.” To you, and the rest of you crazy, impatient, aggressive Viennese drivers, well, SUCK IT.