Honestly, not having home-ownership chores to clog up our Saturdays just hasn’t gotten old. In lieu of tasks this weekend? First up, a Friday evening and Saturday morning spent at the multi-school track and field tournament hosted by AIS, at a sports field somewhere out in suburban Austria.
Happy Hour snacks. Frankfurters with mustard and brown bread.

Though there were dozens of athletes from Vienna, Athens, Warsaw, Zug, Basel, Budapest, Frankfurt and Munich, this particular one was my favorite to watch. Jump, Anna Grace, Jump!

The blond swinging ponytail came through again–AIS girls placed second, and the team took first overall!  Go Knights!

Later on Saturday Tony and I took to the Genuss Festival in Vienna, a showcase of amazing food from around the country. So much enjoyment (Genuss) within our reach. Alpenlachs tartare and a Reisling from Niederösterreich.

 A speck (bacon) sampler from Karnten.

 Roast pork and a Chardonnay from Oberösterreich.

 Erdapfel-Wild Schwein Gröstl and a Sauvignon Blanc from Steirmark.

 And a cheese sampler from the Tirol region.

Tony and I celebrated 21 years of marriage this week. Wonder how many years this couple at the festival has on us?

The pounding of a rap beat from outside the park drew our attention, and we followed the noise sound to the Ringstrasse and the “Peace Parade.”  Just use your imagination.

A serendipitous meet-up with friends at the festival and even more eating at a local keller wrapped up our Saturday. Life this good never gets old.