Saturday brought with it more rain, but the silver lining was that neither child wanted to do anything more than play Wii and watch movies, so Tony and I headed out for a Great War exhibit at the Technical Museum of Vienna.
In 1909 Franz Josef I laid the first stone for the grand building. (Thank you Internet, for the photos.)
The reception area is in stark contrast to the outside. Way groovy.
Among the more interesting objects in the exhibit…a handy kit for dismantling and escaping from behind electrical fences.

 A model of a true “War Horse.”

 War time technology in the kitchen.

Technological propaganda, a glass slide viewer of war images. 

Communications monitoring was also a part WWI, though the technology was rather simple.

Finally, Tony is currently sporting a walking cast due to an ankle fracture. As a 2 meter-plus red headed guy (with a beard to match!) he already stands out; add to that his gimping about and he is like a circus attraction!  I am not kidding. Children and adults alike stare at him wherever we go! ‘Tis strange.

Technologically speaking, however, his plight could be worse if he needed wheelchair assistance.