The last week or so has been one filled with First World Problems. Problems like darling husband being in a walking cast for a fractured ankle and deciding to work at home for a bit. Nothing like having one of the children family members in your business all day. Problems like darling daughter bunny-sitting for the neighbors, and having the bunnies run out of organic herbed hay–so guess who had to go find more?  There are minor issues on the U.S. home front, too; and we have a graduating senior with a top-tier college acceptance in hand who has officially checked out…
…Jack and friends are in Nice, France, at a friend’s family villa for their “MaturaReisen” (graduation holiday). 
‘Tis a good thing Jack and his friends snuck out whilst they could, otherwise Jack would be in Vienna this week helping to clean up our wine cellar (and his room) from the flash flood that struck the northern vineyard areas of Vienna on Saturday. We, most thankfully, were spared from much of the mud that slid down from the hills; still, water-damage is water-damage.
Jack’s bedroom caught the brunt of incoming waters, so action must be taken. The Teen will be in Garmisch for the whole of July as a Boy Scouts Camp Counselor, and leaves for University in August; ergo, the “need” for new bedroom furniture in his room is not imperative. In an inspirational moment I have decided to move our American-bedroom into his room and treat ourselves to a new bedroom. Easier said than done. 
I loathe non-food shopping. For me, this is more tortuous than the Sunday Grocery Shutdown in Vienna. But, Jack returns in a week and we all need places to sleep, so a-shopping I have been. (I am sparing you all from the horrid details of this adventure). In between, though, I caught up with friends for a workshop on edible plants offered by Vienna’s city Schulgarten in Kagran, just a few stops from the house on the U-Bahn.  
An Eule (owl) of edible pansies; wild kiwi; Schnittlauch (chive) flowers that tasted like delicate garlic and day lilies to decorate one’s salad started our lessons. Plus all the berries we could eat, though mostly strawberries. The workshop brought me happiness.

Hanging with foodie friends was great culinary fun; and although I won’t claim to be in-the-know while traipsing through the WienerWald, I did learn enough to stay away from the plants and flowers in the “Witches Garden.”  (Obviously, these were all poisonous plants.)

At the end of our workshop we were invited to collect edibles for our dinner table. The three of us had fun at supper that night, sampling the wild this and that with our meal, and wondering how well Jack was eating on our credit card. 🙂