So, a 13 hour drive in one direction means a 13 hour drive in the return direction. By design we routed northernly through Switzerland into Austria rather than back through Italy. I am sad to write that Switzerland was BORING. We were stopped at the French/Swiss border and questioned as to where we were coming from and as to why we were transiting through the country. Really? And, we were made to purchase an annual vignette (€40) for the cross country driving pleasure.  Sorry, Switzerland, your lame driving maximum speed of 120 km/hr and your BORING, BORING, autobahn (where did you hide the Alps?) did not inspire us to return. Ever.
Four miserable hours across Switzerland (and some terrible, no good, and horrible rest station sandwiches) later we crossed into the Principality of  Liechtenstein, and then into Austria where we all enjoyed the views that Switzerland had hidden from us.
Obsteig, Austria, and our Landhaus for the evening. The food and the scenery were unparalleled. Be jealous.

Later in the evening the storm clouds moved in.

 The morning journey home through the Tirol and Salzburgland.

We paused in Salzburg for petrol. Abbey Road, Auf Deutsch?

 Homeward bound and a beautiful finish to one of our favorite European holidays ever.