Anna Grace and her friend visiting from the U.S. wanted to explore castle ruins, so off we set one morning to Dürnstein, one of several picturesque villages along the Wachau Valley.
I climbed partway with the girls before deciding that insects and perspiration were not my thing, then spent the rest of the time exploring the town.

 Marillen (apricots) are big in the Wachau; the nearby Stift Gottweig even operates a MarillenCam for those wanting to watch the flowers blossom and the fruit ripen. No surprise, then, that if there is a product to be made from the pretty fruit, one can find it here.

If you squint, you’ll see two tiny specks atop the rocks waving to me down in the town. History buffs will note that the former castle was the site of Richard the Lionheart’s imprisonment.

Exploring the narrow lanes and small shops in the town didn’t take very long and I passed the time pleasantly while the girls explored the ruins. Had I been there when one of the many Danube cruises disgorges its passengers, though, I suspect my opinions might be quite different.