Scattered around the neighborhood are various newspaper “stands,” typically a weatherproof pouch attached to a sign post, with a small coin box affixed to the front, offering the Sunday news for those interested. It’s all on the honor system, a loosey-goosey construct, I have observed.
As Clayton Theodore quite often takes his morning constitutional early, especially in the summer, we have observed several of our neighbors in their nightwear and slippers padding down the street for the morning news. Most, but not all, drop coins in the boxes. 

This morning while out with Clayton Theodore I witnessed a most brazen interpretation of “honor system.” We had paused in front of three closely-grouped newspaper stands when a man approached and took not one, but two of the newspapers without paying. He bid us a “Guten Morgen,” and kept on walking, his Sunday morning thievery routine undisturbed by our presence.
There exist newspaper stands for all the major press, Der Standard, Österreich, Die Presse, Kronen Zeitung, and so on; and to this point I had not concerned myself with what newspaper is stolen most frequently, but the analyst in me is now wondering if there are patterns to this dishonor system.