With no desire for a revisit of the road construction nightmare drive through Brno, I hastily mapped a return home through Olomouc, a city on our list (that never grows shorter, only longer) of weekend outings. The former capital of Moravia, and full of Baroque this and Socialist that. Perfect.

Our tactic when arriving in most Central European cities is to aim for “Centrum” or “Zentrum” for a parking lot and close walking access to all the good stuff. Like the Church of the Virgin Mary of the Snow, a single-nave church modest on the inside, but decadently rich on the interior. 

On our way to the Stare Mesto (Main Square) we passed the still-fresh remnants of the wedding of Ondra and—don’t laugh—Dorka.

Cobblestones, winding medieval streets, beautiful sights. It never gets old.

Olomouc, once the capital of Moravia, has an impressive town hall. Adorning that building is a “special” astronomical clock.

Most astronomical clocks feature saints, even presenting a calendar with the “Saint of the Day;” and at high noon there is usually a parade of the apostles. This calendar, not so much. Though it dates to the 15th century, the clock was “restored” following WWII with a socialist theme. OUT: Saints and Apostles. IN: Old Communist holidays and workers.  Awesome.

In the square also sits the (reportedly) largest Baroque Plague Column in Central Europe. This one offers visitors the opportunity to walk inside, though we declined.

Driving around Olomouc was rather pleasant; the former capital of the Moravian kingdom offered just enough architectural sights and curiosities to pique our interest for a return visit.