Out in the Weinviertel sits Schloss Asparn, whose history dates from the 13th century and includes a little Russian occupation in 1945. Since 1967, though, the palace has housed Lower Austria’s prehistory collection, along with its partner museum in neighboring Mistelbach. Anna Grace and I visited the Mistelbach museum and its Giants of the Ice Age exhibit a few weeks ago and thoroughly enjoyed it; while at Schloss Asparn we were able to take in its complement, an archaeological open-air site of pre-historic dwellings, along with a weekend festival showcasing the life of the Huns.

Inside a Yurt, or Ger, the transportable dwelling favored by Mongols.

 Huns at rest, enjoying a performance of Mongolian music on the stage.

Huns (and their horses) at play, artfully attacking defenseless foam Roman soldiers. The drums of war off the field provided dramatic music to complete the presentation. This was, naturally, Anna Grace’s favorite part of the afternoon.

Opportunities to purchase traditional Mongolian handcrafts were available, including these rather gorgeous drinking horns.

My little Katniss Everdeen, owner of one hand-hewn bow, ogled these beautiful creations to add to her collection. We settled on a slingshot instead.
Traditional Mongolian fare was offered, including something called “Hunnensuppe.”

 And there was even a fashion show!

A rather clever repurposing of a schloss, we thought. If I were into hashtags, #Huns#Weinviertel#Schloss#Cavemen#FashionShow would have been this post’s title, but thankfully I am old school and still write in sentences. 
On a final unrelated note, the festival organizers provided Hundewasser for canine visitors of all sizes. What say you, dog-unfriendly America?