Plans for a short weekend getaway were changed by events beyond our control, but no worries. Clayton Theodore was all too happy to board the 38A bus with us to the top of the vineyards for the annual Wien Weinwandertag weekend hike through the vines. Sunshine and blue skies accompanied us, as well.
We found it amusing that the woman in blue looks terrified of Clayton Theodore. All he wanted was love.
Clayton Theodore’s arthritis is steady-state, but we still stopped often for him to rest. And, let us just be honest, for us to enjoy sturm and snacks. What would a Weinwandertag be without the snacks?

A particularly long stretch of our walk took us not only uphill, but also along a creek.  Outdoor time, snacks, and a creek to romp in for Cletus! But he is not spoiled.

The culinary pinnacle of our trek was Mayer am Nussberg, one of Vienna’s premiere Buschenschank atop Nußberg.  On the previous two Weinwandertag we have enjoyed stopping here for some rather well-prepared traditional heuriger food, and for the most part our third visit was pleasant. Along our trek we encountered what we dubbed, “not very wandertag-like behavior”: overcrowded trials, crazy cyclists, people impatient with Tony (who uses hiking poles to balance the weight on his recovering knee and ankle) and families with slow-moving children, and so on. At the Buschenschank we watched numerous parties practically come to fisticuffs to secure a red lounge chair in the sun. People, really? Grab one of the blankets provided and make a picnic.

Four hours and 7km later, we all had our second Weinwandertag pins. And a tired puppy.