With our itinerary firmly tossed to the sea breeze on the first day, we awoke on Sunday to crystal clear blue skies and the prospect of a 25° day. (We had so totally packed wrong for this holiday. Weather Underground, be damned!) Any and all indoor activities were scrapped, and by late morning we boarded the #12 vaporetto to the tiny archipelago of Burano. Per favore, sit back, kick off your shoes and enjoy the scenery!
If Dr. Seuss had created an island, Burano would be its likeness. The island really is this charming.

Burano is a place where older Italian gentlemen still take their afternoon riposa outside their shop.
We took surprisingly few family photos on this day; the magic of Burano is best experienced in person, we thought.

Touring Burano takes but a couple of hours, tops. That’s just enough time for its beauty to be indelibly planted in your spirit.