I researched. I planned. I researched and planned some more. Then we arrived in Venice, and the blue skies and warm sun tossed most of our itinerary to the soul-satisfying lagoon breezes. For a week we felt as if we were on our beloved Cape Cod holiday, just with everything in Italian.  
There is more to write, lots more to write, about the holiday, but for now, a few family-selected “best” photos from all around Venice.  The siestre (neighborhood) where our apartment was, Cannaregio, was quietly residential and particularly photogenic. What a treat it was to be out with Clayton Theodore on his morning constitutionals, seeing Venetian children in their Catholic school smocks zipping along on scooters to school; watching the delivery boats bringing produce and dairy items to the local grocers and restaurants; and marveling at the busy, busy city crews who were daily keeping the neighborhood clean. Ours would have been a different experience, and perhaps not for the better, had we lodged within any striking distance of the tourist zone.

Photos from along the Grand Canal and the small, but no less grand waterways that traverse Venice.

A residential boat and passenger entry at high tide.

 Early morning at the Rialto Fish Market pier.

 Making our way home after a long day of touring.

Venice. We came, we saw, but we were nowhere near to conquering.