Clayton Theodore has developed a less-than-charming little ritual whenever a lengthy car trip is involved: the first 45 minutes to an hour are devoted to excited whining. It is similar, I believe, to the whining that small children engage in toward the end of a long car trip. Our drive to Venice was no exception. CTF is just special, I guess. 
Once in Venice, though, the nose went into overdrive and the need to whine was forgotten. Seagulls to chase!  Salty sea water to drink! Seagull poop to eat!  Vaporetto rides! And on and on his days went. Some would call him a spoiled hound.

Waiting patiently while I shopped. Good boy!

Venice is as dog-friendly as Vienna. Dogs were welcome just about everywhere; and beneath almost every fountain we encountered, kind souls had placed containers from which the local cani could lap.
Every once in a while, though, a little assistance was necessary in getting a drink.

CTF explored it all, from costume shops to kiosks (though, he did attempt to eat one of the shells!) to the many fellow dogs we met along our outings.

Taking an afternoon riposa along the canal.

Finally, the bridge nearest our apartment was guarded by two of the biggest and meanest cat trolls CTF had ever met. Neither of them were the least intimidated by him, and it took several days before he had garnered enough courage to growl at them. Of course, the moment one of them arched and hissed at him, he ducked his tail beneath and hastily reversed course. Silly, spoiled dog.