By this third edition of advent calendar posts (previous years are here and here) I thought it would be difficult to find new styles to share. But, no.

The concept of counting the days until Christmas, I have learned, dates only to the 19th century. Early “calendars” included Advent candles, one lit for each day; the first paper calendar was printed either in 1902 (so say the Germans) or 1903 (so say the Austrians).

Along my district’s shopping street, Döblinger Haupstraße I spied this display of beautiful and traditional paper calendars.

There are “specialty” calendars, as well, for those who snack, those who bake and garden, and for those for whom a new lotion, potion, or notion each morning means Chrismas is nearer.

How are we going to count down the days until Christmas?  In previous years the morning tea from Sonnentor was a favorite, but this year we are branching out with the new offering from Teekanne.

For our equestrienne, the calendars have a certain theme. Let’s just say the new Schleich Pferde will have no difficulty making friends in Anna Grace’s room.

Another favorite in our house since it was first made in 1998 is the Lego Advent Calendar. This year is no different, and by Christmas Eve a little Lego city will be built across the fireplace mantel, just in time for Santa’s arrival.

And finally, what’s not to like about a sweet bite of chocolate each morning as a countdown to Christmas?