My people really are the best. On Thursday I gave thanks for my (small) plate of turkey and mashed potatoes, and on Friday morning I saw my travel leash and travel bowls being collected. That could only mean one thing: road trip!

I get so excited over car rides that I “whine” for the first hour, which means I get extra love from Anna Grace to stay calm. Aren’t I clever?
My destination for the weekend was Innsbruck, the capital city of Tirol.  Dad and I enjoyed our morning outings in the fresh alpine air.


At lunch one day I was behaving so well, even with another puppy in the restaurant, that I got more love!


I have a special fondness for Christmas markets. The air smells really good, and food gets dropped on the ground.

Road trips and Christmas markets and good behavior can tire me out, though. That is a lot of sensory input for a Foxhound.

On the way home I was rewarded with a hamburger for my good dog behavior. Why, no, I am not spoiled. I am Clayton Theodore Foxhound III, living my extraordinary life in dog-friendly Europe.