Dear Tirol,

Your hospitality is extraordinary; you know how to charm your visitors. We loved your Flea Market, your Farmer’s Market, and your Christmas Markets. Not one was too big or crowded; each was just right.
Vintage cowbells! “Jawohl!” Tony said, “Nein” to the mountain goat trophy, though.

Gorgeously displayed Schnapps, and entire stores devoted to Speck (Bacon). At times we could even detect the faint perfume of bacon in the air.


Who needs wurst with smoked salmon underway?

The sparkling Swarovski Christmas tree.

Schneeballen!  Similar to Polish Chrusciki, we fell in love with these powdered sugar covered lumps of pastry on our first trip to Bavaria in 2009. What a treat it was to find them in Tirol!

A Bretagne stall at the Farmer’s Market? Heaven.

Too many wild game choices to make a decision, or perhaps it was the lack of interest in carrying wild game around town all day.

We snacked on Tirolean market food, including the traditional Kiachl mit Kraut, a puffed pancake piled high with speck-studded sauerkraut. Surprisingly delicious, though not for the unadventurous.

At our guest house the attention to detail was everywhere, from the room decor to the five course dinners of salmon with pumpkin risotto and venison medallions and house made chocolate ice and strawberry cake.



We (heart) Tirol!