Four months ago Jack left to begin his Freshman Sophomore year (Thank you, IB Diploma!) at The University of Michigan. Last Thursday Anna Grace, Clayton Theodore and I met him at the airport. 
Although the flight arrived early, the bags took nearly 45 minutes to reach the terminal. I’m guessing KLM isn’t a favored carrier at VIE?  Clayton Theodore can only be so patient, however, and then must have a snack.  


And what wisdom has The College Student gleaned from his first semester of independent living?
Coffee makers require filters, lest the coffee taste gritty.
All joking aside, everything has gone well for him. Jack and his roommate have become good friends, and their room is the “social hub” of the hall. He is one of the “foreign students” on the hall who was honestly asked whether he has seen kangaroos in Austria (just once), and the not-too-surprising question, “Do you speak Austrian?” (Several times.)
Jack performs with the University Wind Ensemble (trumpet), and participates with the UM Backpacking Club. In the fall he and several club members spent a long weekend hiking in the Shenandoah, where they met a hungry friend. 
The biggest challenge he’s had has been with American food, to the point where he has been ill on a couple of occasions. We kept a natural and generally preservative-free diet in the US and here in Vienna, and transitioning to dorm food and on-the-run eating hasn’t been kind to him. To quote, “Starbucks is gross; I can’t eat Taco Bell; and the frozen pizza from the (grocery store) tastes like plastic. I really need to learn how to cook.”