I am close and personal with my network guy, but every once in a while he asks, with great patience in his voice, if I could possibly clean up the photo server. I obliged him and found a few snaps to share.

 Like mother, like daughter. Same black sweater (both are mine) and A-line skirts. The skirts are also both mine, though somehow one of them migrated down the hall into Anna Grace’s closet.

A snap from a Sunday evening performance at AIS of opera, cello, and piano pieces by local artists. A lovely start to the holiday season.

From a couple of weeks ago, a most enjoyable Friday performance at AIS by a Steinway pianist and the MS orchestra.

We pass this stately manor house on our way to the barn. Adjacent to it is the “Ludwig Reiter Manufaktur” and I’ve wondered if there was a relationship. I finally got around to doing some research and learned that the Ludwig Reiter company once manufactured boots for the officers of the Imperial Army; in the absence of an empire, the company now handcrafts beautiful leather shoes and accessories, and does so from the former Schloss Süßenbrun.


One of our favorite meals whilst the seafood-loving College Student was home. Though it doesn’t hold a candle to lobster from J.T.’s and fried clams from Cobies on Cape Cod, it was a respectable platter of grilled sea bream and langoustines nonetheless.

Finally, standing with France the best way I know how. Oxtail Pot-au-feu. Je suis Charlie. Ich bin Charlie.