Old Glory hangs in the gym (along with the Austrian and Vienna flags), and there is American junk food for sale at the Boosters Bar.
But there is one special way that the school is oh-so-unAmerican. It is DOG-FRIENDLY!  Clayton Theodore has often joined us for outdoor sporting events; this season, for Anna Grace’s basketball games, we thought he might want to experience an indoor event. Sensory input is essential for the well-being of a Foxhound, of course. On this particular day he also had company in a little white dog and a big Rhodesian Ridgeback. 

 A different kind of sensory input.  “Mmm. That Boosters hamburger smells delicious!”

 Worn out from all the love given to him by two teams of middle school girls.

It’s a good life for an ex-pat Foxhound.