In the, “Imagine if this were America” category, two anecdotes. With small stores and a step or two to navigate, sometimes it is just more practical to leave one’s child outside.

Trachten on the train. Pocketknife optional.
Vienna’s love for its four-legged creatures extends past Der Hund. These little “gateways” are all around my neighborhood, presumably to allow woodland creatures to come and go from gardens with ease.
Well, it was bound to happen eventually.
All the ingredients one needs to prepare a perfect pot of stock in one convenient €1,49 packet. Genius.
Train signals are insufferably long in Vienna. The gates come down as early as five minutes before the train passes. And to add insult to injury, quite often only 1 or 2 cars can pass before the gates close again! for a train coming from the opposite direction.

Finally, and to be honest, I really should remove “Asshat Parking” from the Anecdotes on Austria list because it happens so frequently. This particular offender is new to our shared garage, and is routinely and particularly offensive.

How offensive is this driver? One weekend recently the owners of the SUV called me to ask, rather politely, if I could move my car because they lacked the clearance to exit their space. I have yet to experience that problem, but I know it is only a matter of time.