As a “Trailing Spouse,” awful as that term sounds, I have worked diligently to keep myself mentally challenged with a variety of meaningful projects, some which may reappear on future curriculum vitae. Sushi-making? Nothing but pure fun.

A very generous AIS parent recently offered her time, kitchen, and resources to any and all interested in learning to prepare sushi. I was a diligent pupil and took good (iPhone) notes, and after class scuttled about Vienna to procure my supplies for the take-home exam.
Step 1. Shiny side down with the Nori sheets.
Step 2. Evenly distribute the properly cooked and sushi-vinegar tossed rice. For my OCD side, this is a dream exam.
But, will I lose points for using Italian sushi rice?
Step 3. “Go big or go home,” I told myself as I flipped the sheet over to create Uramaki (sushi with rice on the outside and Nori on the inside). I went big, and only a few grains of rice hit the floor. The filling was spicy tuna, Anna Grace’s favorite.

Not too bad for a first attempt. A second roll of shrimp and avocado followed.

For the last roll I went American traditional with the California Roll. Nori on the outside, no flipping required.

Step 4. Plate and enjoy. And enjoy we did, with a steaming pot of tea.
I think I passed Sushi 101.