If it is not obvious, food and dining feature prominently on our travel itineraries, and London did not disappoint. It being near to the Chinese New Year, and London being home to Europe’s largest Chinatown, sitting for Peking Duck was a must.


No words. Just silent wonder when we realized the last time we had enjoyed Peking Duck this good was right before we moved to Austria.

Walking through one of London’s oldest markets was a treat.




‘Tis a good thing we had hunger when we sat for fish and chips (and mushy peas, yum) at a 300 year old pub.

Ever so grateful to Anna Grace’s Bangladeshi nanny for inspiring her love of spices and curry, for to travel to London and not eat Indian cuisine is unimaginable to us. Pappadums lighter than air, and masalas and vindaloos so spicy delicious they would be banned in Vienna.


One final place of note, and a highlight of the epicurean shopping itinerary, was our visit to the East India Company store. Founded near its present location over 400 years ago, the East India Company was the link between the East and the West, and is now working from its library of ship logs and recipes to recreate some of the original tea blends. The store was rather decorous and we felt a bit uncomfortable stepping in wearing jeans, but once inside were treated to tea tastings; and with the assistance of the oh-so-polite staff, selected a few perfect teas to bring home. Also available for purchase were exquisite tea sets.


Hahaha. British humor. (The blend of Chinese Keemun and Yunnan teas is based on the original blend thrown overboard in 1773.)