This was not our first visit to London, but some of our favorites are too irresistible to pass up.

The Chilhuly Chandelier and Glass Gallery at the Victoria & Albert Museum


10 Downing Street. The first time we visited we were able to walk near to the door. Times have changed.
Riding the #9 Heritage Route on a double decker bus.
The buses do get awfully close to one another. It must be love.
Needs no introduction. Big Ben only chimes on the hour, by the way.



The London Eye was a first. It is possible to rent a cabin for a party, which I think would be a pip!


So was our visit to the London Transport Museum, housed in the city’s former flower market. More fun that you think it might be.
The Parliament Courtyard looked particularly lovely on our walk.


Westminster Abbey. We have toured the magnificent building previously and did not feel the need to deposit 75USD equivalent into the kitty to tour once again. Sorry, London.

Buckingham Palace. On the day of our visit the Royal Standard was flying. We can only wonder how Her Majesty endures all of the tourists posing about in her front garden.