Or, you get what mom and dad pay for. Grand plans were arranged at first, to drive from Michigan to Boston to Chicago and back to Michigan, sleeping at friend’s houses and eating we-don’t-want-to-know-what. The College-Freshman-Estimated-Cost: $150. Then the snows came. Plans were scrapped for the comforts of friend’s parents houses in and around the campus, with a few outings as weather and resources permitted. We followed along knowingly, and transferred the requisite funds for their bacchanal. In return, we received a few snaps.
Lake Michigan at sunset, beautifully frozen. I was almost jealous not to be there with Jack.

Proof that one parent’s hotel points for Chicago were not wasted. Nighthawks from the Art Institute and a selfie, of sorts, from the Field Museum.  Oh, how we love Chicago!

And that’s that. The “Spring Break” was pronounced a success, and the boys are planning their next adventure this summer in Europe. We do hope they realize their adventure may cost more than $150.