On beautiful days especially, a favorite sport of mine is to roam a market for supper inspiration. Today’s market was Kutschkermarkt, one of the last two true street farmer’s markets remaining in Vienna and located in Währing, the city’s 18th district. Though I routinely drop in at the other street market, Brunnenmarkt, today’s visit to Kutschkermarkt was my first, and not to be my last.

The market dates to 1885, and now emphasizes the slow food movement. The whole “organic” and “slow food” notions here kerfluffle me, because it seems like Austria is pretty organic and slow food-ish in general. Maybe it’s just marketing.

The market is small, and its approach colorful.

Glorious colors and gorgeous displays in the market, too!  And vendors who do not pester marketgoers to sample foods (Naschmarkt, I’m looking at you.)



Just look at all this Crayola Spring Green!

Supper was beginning to take shape. Bärlauch, the wild garlic/onion that blooms in the spring. So named because bears (Bär) like to dig it up and eat it. It has a poisonous cousin, so I just play it safe and buy the herb from the market.

The roasted chestnut vendor is shuttered.  Therefore, Winter is definitely over.

Willows as tall as I, and Hay Bunnies to make me sneeze. Ah, Spring.


Just outside the market, Everything Ham. Supper had come together.

A little wandering here and there rewarded me with beautiful architecture before returning home.


In a courtyard I spied, perhaps, Vienna’s version of Brussels Manneken-Pis?

What better way to end the meandering than with a bowl of Bärlauchcremesuppe for lunch at this unexpected Hungarian restaurant.


As for supper? Roasted asparagus, Bärlauch and ham atop Lebanese flatbreads and dressed with beet root sprouts. Welcome, Spring!