A little blustery, but still, a lovely afternoon outing to the Easter Market at Schloss Hof, the former hunting lodge of Prince Eugene of Savoy, who led the Empire to victory over the invading Turks. In less blustery weather, the palace, grounds and outbuildings make for an excellent day trip. For me and for jet-lagged Tony, a walkabout the various market buildings was just enough.

Pheasant eggs, ready to be decorated. Beyond my skill set.

 Goose eggs, already decorated.

Stamps of wood for decorating textiles. Beautiful, but also way beyond my skill set.

 Craftsmen at work with willing helpers.

 The estate was dressed for the holiday.

 Near the farm.

Schloss Hof is quite family-friendly and one of the activities for the weekend was “Donkey Grooming.” Something tells me these donkeys did not receive that memo.

 The petting farm was a busy place. Even I couldn’t resist!

 If only we knew what the goats were thinking.


 Do not mess with this Rooster.

  The outbuildings can be identified by their signs.

 In the Gardener’s shop, we had a lengthy conversation with a local gardener who contributes to the beauty of the estate. Though in half-English and half-German, I did catch enough to learn that he offers workshops in “Forest Pedagogy.”  All I have to do is round up some friends and bring a picnic basket; he’ll show us how to make beautiful decorations from the wilds. Sounds like a field trip to me!

To end, food and drink form the foundation of pretty much any event in Central Europe. Though, it was a little surprising to read this menu board.