I set out to snap some of the “Important Buildings” of the Ringstrasse as part of the 150th anniversary, but the glorious, glorious, spring sun interfered with some of the lighting, so instead I ducked into the University of Vienna, the oldest university in the German-speaking world and one of the largest in Europe. The main campus building holds court along the busy Ringstrasse, but a walk into the courtyard provides a quiet and calm setting.

The arcades surrounding the courtyard are splendid, filled with busts of the important men who attended or taught at the university. Lise Meitner is also an alum, but I did not find her bust.

Freud and Doppler and Schrödinger. They’re all alum.

 Not alum, but a rather important professor, judging by the memorial.

 Not an alum, either, but another professor whose likeness was striking compared to others.

By good fortune,  in the main campus building there is currently a thoroughly informative exhibit on the state of the university and rise of Fascism and Anti-Semitism from the post-WWI period through the end of WWII.  The complimentary retrospective newspaper, Intelligence Threatened, has made for great reading (and good German language practice).
So, a meeting point for the anti-semitic was the Paleobiology department? I guess the irony of meeting in a department known for something outdated was lost on these anti-semitic miscreants.
Anschluss. Anschluß. Take your pick.

 Post WWII damage to the main campus. Intelligence, threatened. No longer.