Just a two-minute walk from our house is our favorite heuriger. Family owned and operated since 1787, completely unpretentious, and serving what I have declared is the best Backhendl in Nest.
The friendly courtyard entrance, where crates of wine bottles sit alongside the toys of the family that live above the tavern. There is a beautiful garden, too, though the weather is a bit cool for al fresco dining.

A small and scrumptious selection.

I think we have tried just about every ham and sausage and smoked meat offered.


Table for two. Liptauer, the almost American-spicy spread and the heuriger wine to start.


No need to look at the menu. Backhendl in Nest mit Salat it always is. The potato salad is especially good, rich with a garlic flavor that pairs perfectly with the crispy chicken.

It is a good thing that from the new house our perfect evening will be only a 22 minute tram ride away.