Our plan to tour Schloss Niederweiden today, a little known former royal hunting palace (with an exceptional “wild kitchen” and the real reason for the visit) went Kaputt. Since we were just a few kilometers from Bratislava, we kept on driving. 
In some ways Bratislava feels like a weekend home, like the way the Czech Republic feels. The city has a few scruffy edges; and we know our way around to favorite stores and galleries. And the food, wherever we enjoy a meal, will be fabs.

 I recalled reading that Bratislava was hosting its Easter Market this weekend, so Tony and I wandered to the two known places in Stare Mesto for such events. Lo and behold, we found the tiny market along the boulevard near the National Theater.  Why even ask. Of course I fed my Easter egg addiction collection.

 This is one of the prettiest doors in Bratislava, at the Church of the Holy Savior. Usually there are people sitting on the stairs to muss up the photo.

Speaking of doors, I have been in search of this guide to the “new and cool” places in Bratislava, and finally found it!

“La Putika” was suggested as a place for a good selection of beers and whimsical French food. Not that we don’t love Slovak cuisine. Alas, the restaurant was closed. 

 No worries. We made do quite well with piping pans of Halušky, soft potato noodles baked with sheep cheese and topped with bacon in a small wine keller.  Lunch was fabs, and, Bratislava is never boring.