We can not get our Thai experience in Marchegg a couple of weeks ago off our tastebuds, and by the following weekend our desire for Thai food reached insatiable. So while cloaked in the usual boredom of the Sunday Shutdown, Tony and I researched the Vienna Thai restaurant scene and set out in search of what we hoped would be at least reasonably good Thai.

We didn’t find reasonably good Thai. We found we-will-definitely-return-again-and-again Thai. Handmade rolls (+1 over Marchegg), and Satay that rivals our favorite place in DC. Peanut-buttery and just perfectly-spicy grilled chicken.

Spying Pad Thai on the menu almost brought me to tears. On the way home from a particularly long night at the office I would sometimes order Pad Thai for myself. The restaurant recognized my mobile number and would have my order of Pad Thai and Mango Black Sticky Rice waiting, already charged to my card.

The perfume-y aroma of fish sauce trailed lightly in the air as my dish was presented. The traditionalist in me prepares the dish at home with shrimp and tofu, yet I found the chicken a bright and delicious change.

Tony went with another family favorite, spicy Thai basil chicken. I almost had to stop him from licking his plate.  We achieve better-than-decent success at home with this dish, but to sit in this tiny restaurant filled with fellow Thai lovers and savor lunch felt like home. And that’s a good thing because Vienna is, well, home.
There was one other Thai restaurant within our sights, but alas, they do not serve lunch on Fridays (a big lunch outing day for me and Der Herr) and they observe the Vienna Sunday Shutdown. Too bad for them.