K.u.K. Gerstner, one of the former Royal and Imperial Zuckerbäcker (“sugar bakeries”) recently opened a new cafe and store in one of the city palaces across from the Opera House, and today Tony and I dropped by with the hope of finding a sweet or two for the Easter basket.

The store is stunning. The colors and lighting are perfect.

On the upper level is the cafe. We had just come from lunch and were not quite ready for coffee and cake, sadly.

Too bad, because some of the selections were inspiring.

We sought the charming little Dalmatian Hase, though with Easter but two days away the bunnies had all been sold.

No worries. There were lots of chocolate ways to fill an Easter basket at the ready.

Even a little Austrian sekt for the grownups!

Gerstners is also a purveyor of cake decorating elements, should you dare to dream you could create such masterpieces.


Filling the Easter Basket, Vienna Style.