In March 2012 we learned we would be moving overseas just three months later. Did we cancel our planned April holiday to Poland?  We did not.  And now, faced with a weekend of unpacking boxes or road tripping to Warsaw for Anna Grace’s Track & Field tournament, the decision was easy. Tomorrow we hit the road for my homeland.
Back to 2012. Krakow was wet and cold, with sideways-blowing snow at times, but still charming.

 Krakow was also beautiful against the occasional blue sky day.

 The menu from Bar Mleczny, one of the few remaining government-subsidized lunch counters that popped up after Poland regained independence post WWI.  Our lunch was terrific. Of course it was.

Local celebrities.

We day tripped to Nowa Huta on Krakow’s outskirts. Once the border between the Austrian and Russian Empire-controlled Poland; later, a planned industrial site and major Communist propaganda location; and under Lenin, steel factories, the largest in Poland.

We visited nearby Wroclaw on a sunny day, a picturesque city filled with hidden gnomes.

 Kazimercz and Auschwitz were also on our itinerary.

Oskar Schindler’s office.
What’s not to love about a country that serves pierogies non-stop?