We keep asking ourselves, “Why was this flat not available three years ago?” Our new place meets all of our criteria: ideal location, excellent public access, a (large) private garden, and garage parking. Plus, there’s that amazing kitchen. I believe we have met all but one of the mostly delightful neighbors in our building, as well; of course, the statistical requisite is the tiresome Viennese family who make it a point to overtly slam their balcony door whenever we barbecue. They never return our greetings, either. Life must be sad for them.
Our neighborhood is wonderfully residential, very similar to the leafy lanes of our D.C. home and its surrounds, yet everything is close by. On a particularly pleasant afternoon recently Clayton Theodore and I took a walkabout with the camera.
The architecture is scrumptious, and I don’t even know what I am looking at. Turrets seem rather popular, though.

Baroque yellow is a requirement across much of Europe, and there is no shortage in this neighborhood.

Cottages are mixed in, too. So charming.
There’s even a little New England/East Coast brick housing sprinkled about.

Friendly neighbors everywhere!