Central Europe may not be on many people’s “Top Foodie Destinations,” and that is too bad for them. Give us the promise of a sunny afternoon, and some great food and drink in the form of a Slovak Food Festival, and we’re there. Even better was that we left behind gray and drizzly Vienna for sunny and blue skies Bratislava. Our destination: Bratislavsky Hrad (Bratislava Castle), host for the festival.
The Vienna Gate of Bratislavsky Hrad.
Across the street from the castle sits this lovely social times structure, which does not befit this diplomatic quarter of the city at all but is part of Bratislava’s charm nonetheless.

Walking along the castle walls, the SNP Most (Bridge) and its alien spaceship landing pad can be viewed in the background.

But onto the food.

We have picked up enough of the Slavic language since living here to navigate menus, thankfully. 
Tony, in particular, knows how to find the beer menu in at least six languages. 

Sharp smoked and grilled cheese is common here, especially with a side of preserves. Lots of national costumes, too, on display today.

Our first “small plate” came with a beautiful view.
Aromatic strudels tempted us.
The grilled caraway pork was more compelling, though, and we gave in. 
Though we were convinced we could not eat another bite, the delicious aromas from the “Goose Hut” changed our mind. Roast goose, palacinka, sauerkraut and a potato pancake for good measure. 
Though the festival was primarily a showcase of Slovakian fare, a few “international” cuisines had rather large followings. Like, each of the two American burgers stalls.

Beef. It’s What’s for Dinner a Slovak Food Festival.