This is our idea of Sunday Brunch.  Leave the children a Bankomat card with instructions to “get something for lunch,” then open a map and aim for whatever looks interesting. 
The “something interesting” on this occasion turned out to be Renaissanceschloss Wilfersdorf, one of the many holdings of the Liechtenstein Family sprinkled across Moravia, Lower Austria, and Vienna. What makes this particular palace stand out is that of the 27 generations of Liechtensteiners, the only surviving line is linked to the teeny tiny village of Wilfersdorf, just a few kilometers south of the Czech border.
Bernhard, the palace’s docent became our best friend and personal guide when he overheard us speaking English. He said he wanted to practice his English, and began with a thorough overview of the family tree.  Did you know that the youngest Liechtensteiner was born as recently as 2012?

 A reproduction of the crown jewels.

 Also in the collection, the hat Napoleon was wearing during the Battle of Austerlitz. Napoleon won this battle in Austria, so perhaps the hat had fallen off during the conflict?

 Our docent was rather well-informed on all things Liechtenstein; though, he was not entirely clear as to why Joseph Haydn’s stuffed parrot (who could whistle the German National Anthem) was part of the collection.

After touring the palace and its collection we walked over to the Wilfersdorferkirche, where the Liechtenstieners attended mass, and within whose crypts many are interred.

Over lunch at our favorite restaurant on the Austrian-Czech border we took stock of some of the other Liechtenstein palaces and castles we have toured…Burg Liechtenstein, about 45 minutes from Vienna, and in the family more or less since the 12th century.

 The beautiful Garden Palace, just a few tram stops from our house. I have also toured the City Palace in the Inner Stadt, still an active dynastic residence of the family.

 We as a family drove across the Principality of Liechtenstein on our return from Provence last summer.

 And to the north, the palaces of Valtice and Lednice.

Our guide to Sunday Brunch.