Beautiful spring day and a willing teenage partner, so off we set for Favoriten, Vienna’s 10th district that lies to the south of the Inner Stadt.  Our travels mainly took us to areas that were culturally diverse but architecturally monotonous, with lots and lots of interwar and post-war block housing. Perhaps there is more to the district, though we did not see it.
Something we have not seen before, a Spinnerin am Kreuz, or piety column (and former execution site, we learned). It seemed out of place against the backdrops of passing traffic and the gigantic George Washington Hof.
During the construction of this public housing unit, numerous skulls of hanged victims from the nearby Spinnerin am Kreuz execution site were discovered. Anyone queueing Poltergeist on Netflix right now?
A shadow of times gone by, when the larger public housing units were like small cities in and of themselves. “Lebensmittel” loosely translates to “Grocer.”
Still today, however, many of Vienna’s larger public housing complexes have Kindergartens. This entrance is particularly charming. 
It’s not a Gemeindebau outing if I don’t spy socialist art. 
The Gemeindebau Mannekin Pis? 
One of the prettiest courtyards we spotted. The keen observer will note that one is not authorized to have any fun at all in the courtyard, a much-too-common sight, we discovered.
As lunchtime was approaching we found the first of several pretty Kunst am Bau. 

Our last point of interest yielded a pensive lady, or perhaps she was sad because no one was permitted to walk on the grass beneath her feet. 
Finding lunch in Favoriten, outside of Austrian or Turkish fare was a little challenging (at least where we were). Thankfully OmNom Burgers was but a few tram stops away (in an adjacent district) to feed our hunger with what we declared were the best “American” patties we’ve found so far here in Wien.  No stale Semmel or dried sesame seed roll; and no weird “American-style” sauce. Just Yum. OmNom.