After leaving the beautiful Benedictine Stift Altenburg, my research (key to enjoying our weekends) informed me that Schloss Greillenstein, the “Renaissance Jewel in the Waldviertel” was nearby. We could not resist.
A remnant of the former walled city welcomed us to the small village of two, perhaps three, streets.  Finding the palace was not difficult.

The schloss is not the picture-perfect of so many that we have seen, but its slightly shabby state only added to its fun character.

 Faded lions guard the drawbridge entrance, the moat no longer in use.

Odd little men with spears serve as the second level of defense.

Inside, we trod upon creaking wood floors and stairwells filled with antlers. By far, the most curious of palaces we have visited. The character of the palace had all the historical hints of a great place to party, our conclusion exclusively.

In the main courtyard the stately dragon sits.  Once upon a time the dragon was a key component of the whimsical palace garden, but damage from vandals now forces the dragon into the secure courtyard. “Tis a shame.

  In another courtyard. Could this be, perhaps, a Dwarf Door?

As with the dragon, vandals caused enough problems that all of the stone dwarves were moved inside to one of the former gardening rooms.  We named this one, “Missionary Dwarf.”

Brussels has Mannekin Pis. Schloss Greillenstein has “Mannekin Poos.”
Dropping in at the palace in this little village was delightful! Who knew such places were tucked into the forests of Austria?