Out in Niederösterreich (Lower Austria), about an hour-ish drive from the house is Altenburg Abbey. Jack, Clayton Theodore and I walked the gardens a bit earlier in the week, and I was looking for an opportunity for a return visit to see the interior. The forecast being another 30ºC day (no complaints!), the children opted for an indoor climbing wall and an afternoon outdoors at the pool, so Tony and I got an early start and pointed the wagon west.
Thank you, Internet, for this aerial photo of the abbey. It’s even more breathtaking up close. 

 Our tour of the interior spaces began with a Gothic chapel, elegant (and cool) in the summer heat.

 The Sala Terrena followed with its exotic painted walls.

 Up the Emperor’s Staircase we went.

And then down again to the most elegantly decorated crypt we have ever seen. The Habsburg Crypt pales in comparison.

The Library is impressive, and sits above the Crypt. I guess in the afterlife one has lots of time to read?

 Equally as beautiful as the abbey is the monastery’s church.

Not too ornate. Not too underdone. Just perfect for a day outing.