What a fun change compared to my tour of Favoriten last week, Vienna’s 10th district of artistically dull offerings!  If there is a “Melting Pot” in Vienna, it is the city’s 15th district, Rudolfsheim-Fünfhaus, so named in part for Crown Prince Rudolf, Archduke of Austria and heir apparent, until the suicide-pact with his mistress out in the Vienna Woods in 1889, that is.
The 15th district is home to the largest percentage of non-Viennese, around 35%, with many having origins in the Balkans and points further east. Thus, it stands to reason that one could order a Polish beer at “Cafe Barcelona;” pick up South Tirolean meats at a Turkish grocer; grab lunch at the new Romanian restaurant; or simply walk into a storefront that is “Open.”

And for the youngest newcomers there is Kindergarten “Al Moustafa,” with language instruction in German, English, Arabic, and Islam. Take it from me: learning the Arabic language is hard as a 40-something. I am certain even the preschoolers speak more fluently than I!
But onto the Kunst am Bau, my primary reason for the outing.  With a willing teenage partner along (mostly because of the promise of lunch), off we set.

A reference to one of the Turkish sieges.
Two 1970’s constructions had era-specific art. Groovy!

 We walked down “Braunhirshengasse,” the Brown Deer Passage. Makes perfect sense.

We also walked down Grimmgasse, so named for the Brothers Grimm, who never spent any time in Vienna. Makes no sense whatsoever.

We loved our outing to Vienna’s melting pot, though a lunch spot was a little hard to come by. Good newcomers to Vienna’s 15th district, may I humbly suggest opening an Albanian/Polish/Macedonian/Turkish/Georgian/Azerbaijani or similar eatery?  We’ll be sure to return.