We spent our 2007 spring holiday in Rome, doing and seeing everything on the tourist route from a Coliseum tour to a photo-op with a “Gladiator.”

 The children even threw coins into Trevi Fountain, to ensure our return to Italy.  It worked!

In 2013 we returned, this time to Florence and a little bit of Tuscany.
Pigeon-chasing in Bologna. An ageless sport.
And again last fall, we spent several days in the beautiful city of Venice.
The magic of the tossed coins extends to Il Cane, as well. Clayton Theodore joined us in 2013, and again in Venice. 
We depart this weekend for another visit to Italy, of two blissful weeks exploring the Adriatic coast and the Puglia region in the south (with CTF, of course!). “Twas great that the children tossed that coin into Trevi Fountain!