OK. It was impossible not to be impressed as we approached Assisi.
Not so impressive, though, was the board directing us to the Basilica of St. Francis, patron saint of Italy.
These tiles, though pretty, were not the best navigational devices, either. 
And then, we reached the top of a hill.

Hoping for interior photos of the glorious upper and lower churches?  Sorry, no photos allowed, with the basilica being so heavily monitored to prevent event the most ninja-snap on an iPhone. Those of us with real cameras were followed closely, too.  How disappointing.   The commune of Assisi is quite photogenic, though, and we spent a fair amount of time wandering its streets before enjoying lunch in a main piazza. Enjoy the walk through Assisi with us…

Also home to Assisi is the Temple of Minerva, dating from the 1st century BC.

Assisi. A highlight of our time in Umbria.