How coincidental that I, barely over jet lag from an eight-day across-the-pond hop to NYC, found myself (with my favorite guy, of course) at Vienna’s first Street Food Truck Festival yesterday! 
The location for the event was Ottakringer Brewery, Vienna’s oldest (since 1837), though now a bit modernized. The weather could not have been nicer, a welcome respite from the very warm temperatures in NYC. 

Vendors from Austria, Germany, Slovakia, Hungary, and Slovenia motored into the plaza for the weekend event. Lots of retro and vintage food “trucks” with a fair variety of offerings. Intrigued by the notion of a vegan, “American” style hot dog from Jenonne upon entering the festival, we decided on a taste test.

The look on Tony’s face sums up our reaction to the faux hot dog. We’re omnivores, and always open to food that tastes good be it animal, vegetable or mineral. This was not food that tasted good. And, why is it that vegans are always attempting to make over real food? Could it be that vegan food is just not that good?

Needing an emergency palate cleanser, the nearby Nürnberger Bratwurst stand came to the rescue.

 The famous grilled brats in a pretzel roll and topped with mango curry mustard. Sehr, sehr, gut.

 He’s still not quite over that vegan dog, though the Ottakringer was helping.

The aroma of grilled meats and curried this and that blended nicely with the folk artists.

 If there was a food theme, American hot dogs and hamburgers would have taken the prize.

We have seen Le Beef in Slovakia, but have not yet tried the burgers. Judging from the long queues, however, the burgers must be worth the wait.
Hy-Kitchen is a Vienna truck offering, guess what, burgers!
A little more Americana, with bacon and eggs from the Weber truck. They were also grilling delicious-looking ribs, though we did not sample.

 What did we decide upon for our main snack? I went with the chicken burrito from Mucho Gusto, a truck out of Salzburg. Muy delicioso!  Tony kept the sausage theme going with a New York Coney dog from Mel’s 50s-style Rolling Diner, also from Salzburg.

 We freely admit we’re terrible with selfies.

Millie the Vintage Caravan and its waffle kabobs with salted caramel drew quite a following, but we were tempted by the cannolis from Gnocchi Fungarn, an Italian food truck from Hungary.

 We shared the two perfect cannolis, slightly sweetened with rose water and candied oranges. Italian sweets from Hungary, who knew? Though, they do share the same flag colors…

To Street Food Truck Festivals!  Looking forward to next year!