With Jack having only half a days’ worth of sightseeing time on Sunday, we maximized the visit by touring parts of Lower Manhattan, including the 9/11 Memorial and the Financial District.  From the WTC subway station we walked past the construction sites for several of the WTC towers underway, and along a path where developers had placed a large mural for visitors to sign. 
Reading many of the messages was heartening…

The 9/11 Memorial consists of large pools that sit at the sites of the original Towers 1 and 2; each are bordered with the inscribed names of those who perished in the attacks. Surrounding the memorials is a park filled with trees, and the resulting space, we thought, was extremely well done. Adjacent to the memorial is the 9/11 Museum. We lived just a few miles from the Pentagon in 2001; our memories of that day and the subsequent ones to follow are a personal “museum” for us, so we did not tour the museum.

Overlooking the memorial is the One World Observatory, the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere and now the new One World Trade Center.

Leaving the memorial park, we headed next to the Financial District. We both thought it rather funny that in all of our visits to NYC we had never toured this part of Manhattan.

Obviously Charging Bull has to be visited. During those silly Occupy Wall Street months (years?), the bull was protected and visitors were not allowed near. Now, it’s back to being a NYC tourist destination. The queues/gaggles to pose with the bull were orderly; Jack and I amused ourselves with the people-watching while we waited for our turn.

While most tourists posed with the front end of the bull, others preferred different photographic angles. Isn’t America great?

The woman in red went rogue, going for the “Round Steak” pose.  

The Federal Hall National Memorial, where George Washington was sworn in as America’s first President, and where the original Congress, Executive Branch and Supreme Court resided. Pretty cool.

And finally, the U.S. Federal Reserve, created just over a century ago. As Jack is taking Econ 201 this term, this tour was a fitting way to wrap up his weekend.