Just the pick-me-up I needed after a long, hot, and mostly uninteresting Vienna summer, eight fabulous days in one of my top five favorite cities in the world. In case you wonder the other four, in no particular order, are Paris; Istanbul; Brewster, Massachusetts; and Chicago.
The holiday was mostly solo; Jack flew in from Ann Arbor for the first weekend, enthusiastic for a couple of days of real food and a little sightseeing. We both arrived on 11 September, a rather significant day in NYC. 
By the time we connected from our different arrival airports and dropped our bags at the rental apartment, it was time to dine. But where? New York City boasts more than 30.000 full and counter-service restaurants!  We hedged a pretty good bet we could find a place near Rockefeller Center…
The menu board at Bill’s Bar & Burger called to us. This being America meant that the 50 or so craft beer options were out of reach for Jack, though he made do with a thick and delicious vanilla shake.

Deep fried pickles and jalapeños to start? Absolutely. Ice in the water glass? Why, yes, I will have a refill, thank you!

The Coney Dog was my selection. Be jealous.

Times Square is best appreciated when jet-lagged, I decided. The overdose of lights and sounds and people in every shape, size, color and animation are barely noticeable when tired!

A fun start to an even funner holiday to come. I ❤️ NY!