Who would not want to curl up on one of J.P. Morgan’s velvet sofas with a book from his West Wing Book Vault at the Morgan Library? Alas, one is not even permitted to touch the furniture.
J.P. Morgan’s main library is across the marbled rotunda from his personal study. 
That encased book on the left?  One of the two Gutenberg Bibles I viewed while in New York.
Among Morgan’s collection is the first ever use of the U.S. Seal, by Ben Franklin.
A special exhibit was running at the Morgan Library in celebration of the 150th anniversary of the first release of Alice in Wonderland.  Many original sketches and notes were on view, some of which could be photographed.  
On another afternoon I lingered in the NYCPL.  Between the reading rooms and the special exhibits, only the hopeless could not be inspired to read after visiting this space.  If we lived in NYC, poor Tony would have to fetch me from the city’s libraries each night. The kind folks who staff the NYCPL Map Room would have Tony’s mobile number on speed dial, and each night they would request him to, “Please collect your wife. She is asleep again with her arms around the Giant World Atlas book and we can not wake her.” 
“Patience” and “Fortitude” are the two lion mascots who guard the building.  
Lego Lions. Just as fierce.
Museum or Library?  The aroma of words on a printed page gives it away.
In the rotunda on the second floor is another Gutenberg Bible on display for all to appreciate.  Most unfortunately, the adjacent Main Reading Room is under restoration until 2017, so I shall have to wait to see the room again.
Another small disappointment was that the original Winnie-The-Pooh, who usually holds court in the Children’s Section, was out for his annual checkup, along with Eeyore, Piglet, and Tigger. The friends will all be back when we return next year, though.  So, I blew a kiss to Clifford and carried on.
In the book shop, for the faithful who color.

Adjacent to the library is Bryant Park. Leafy, shaded, completely WiFi-ed, and the perfect place to enjoy a cup of tea while contemplating the remainder of the day.

Ah, New York.