Of course I would seek out markets in New York.  On one particular early morning I made my way to Manhattan’s Chinatown. (I am reserving the “real” Chinatown in Flushing for the next visit.)  Canal Street is the epicenter.



Rather serendipitously I had watched a food documentary during my week in New York on what goes on after dark in the city. No surprise, the city is alive with vendors moving practically everything comestible around the while New Yorkers sleep. And sure enough, my early morning visit to Chinatown caught the crabs still pincing and the frogs still hopping.

Quite a few “pop-up” vendors were plying their wares, as well. Conch meat, anyone?  Fresh turtles for soup, perhaps?
In the markets there were food (?) items even I did not recognize.


Yeah, well. It’s Durian fruit. Cat hair probably makes it taste better.
Tucked between shops serving incredible traditional fare was this hipster coffee house. A sign of the decaying times.
At lunch I found myself at the insanely organic Union Square Farmer’s market. The market has an app and a monthly, earth-conscious, plant-root dyed magazine printed on recycled paper.


Not cheese, but rather, yarn.

Mmm. Mint tea made from well water, no sweeteners added. Pour me a glass.  This also happened to be the market where I sat for a $10 grilled cheese sandwich. Not worth it, but I was hungry. Desperate times, desperate measures.

One morning I set out for the trendy Chelsea Market, hoping to catch a glimpse of one of the Food Network “celebrity chefs” that tape their shows in the floors above. No such luck, though I did enjoy checking out the “trends.”

Farmstead meats that are “Meaty.”

Farm to Table. How novel. (Insert sarcasm.)

Bowery Kitchen Supplies. Yes, yes, of course I shopped here.
“Japanese inspired Mexican” food is now a trend. You read it here first.
Old school trendy. El Donkey Burritos for breakfast, Los Tacos for lunch.
Trending humor at Chelsea Market…
And if all that market shopping makes you tired, a little forest bathing might be needed.