The warm and sunny weather in NYC made finding shady and green spaces in which to pause a pleasant part of the day’s itinerary.  In the Strawberry Fields of Central Park one can find tourists lined up to pose at the Imagine mosaic. Unfortunately, also lined up around the mosaic are John Lennon wannabes singing the song, rather terribly. 
The famous Bow Bridge, empty of romantic couples during my visit.
This pretty little bridge didn’t have a name.

Belvedere Castle, designed to be little more than something with a “beautiful view.”

Bethesda Terrace, Bethesda Fountain, and Bethesda Arcade. Like the Bow Bridge, this area of the park has featured in many movies.

 On the day of my visit, a new bride was the film star!

 The arcade beneath the terrace has Roman bricks and a shimmering ceiling.

A relatively new park is High Line, a converted above-ground train line no longer in use. A genius idea, I thought.  Judging by the number of people walking with me, I was not alone in my assessment. The park runs for almost two miles along the west side of Manhattan, from Bowery through Chelsea and Hell’s Kitchen, ending where the Upper West Side begins.

Art as graffiti, or the other way around?

On my final day in NYC I visited the New York Botanical Garden, not just a park with pretty flowers, but a National Historic Landmark spanning 250 acres and over 1million botanical species, all organized nicely and reachable via the little tram that moves through the park.
A highlight of my visit was the Frida Kahlo exhibit of both her art and her (simulated) garden at Casa Azul.
In 2009 Anna Grace and I had occasion to see the Diego Rivera murals at the Detroit Institute of Arts, so seeing Kahlo’s works was a nice complement.
The garden is out in the Bronx, an easy 20 minute ride on the regional train that runs along the tracks and lines that Cornelius Vanderbilt, a 19th century American industrialist and philanthropist, built his wealth upon. 
Later that day and the following it was another train, then a plane, and finally, an automobile that brought me home.  I ❤️NY!